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We are architects operating since 2010 year. Our architectural studio is located in Poznan, but we realize projects throughout the country. We comprehensively design services, office, residential buildings-both single and multi-family (we will prepare for the investor individual design of the house), industrial buildings and health services. We perform renovation projects of historic buildings. We like to cooperate with a demanding client with special sensitivity. We often deal with buildings "from start to finish"-where the first phase is the concept, construction project, industry projects, and the final design of the interior. For the entire investment we conduct author supervision. 

By creating our projects we attach great importance to the idea around which we build space. However, we do not forget about the function, because only the combination of functions with aesthetics gives a satisfying end result. Every project coming out of our studio is individual. We profess the principle that the architect only carefully listening to the needs of the investor will create a project ideally suited to its needs, with high aesthetic qualities. We prepare 3D models of objects, after which you can go, but also photorealistic visualizations, making it easier to make decisions. We invite you to cooperation.


Location: Poznan

Investor: I-Kar sp. z o.o.

Design: 2012-2013

Realization: 2013

Pow. Living space: 1042 m2

Architecture: Bartosz Rzeźniczak, Aleksandra wcislo Rzeźniczak, Sergio Torres

Interior design of the day rehabilitation facility in the premises of the old town in Poznań with the medical Technology project. The intention was to move away from the dark terrazzo flooring and beige-often in hospitals-the color scheme. Our idea was to incorporate visual communication into the interior design, which was found on the walls and floors in clean and bright colors..